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CLASSIFICATION : Verdicchio di Matelica DOC
GRAPE VARIETIES : Verdicchio 100%
GROWING AREA : Contrada Monacesca, in the comune of Matelica
VINEYARD AREA : Ca. 17 hectares
SOILS PROFILE : Predominantly clayey
TRAINING SYSTEM : Vertically-trained arched or double-arched cane
VINEYARD AGE : 50% 30 years old – 50% 10 years old
VINEYARD DENSITY : Ca. 1,800-2,500 vines/hectare
VINEYARD YIELD : Ca. 3 kg/vine
VINEYARD ALTITUDE : Ca. 400 metres
HARVEST PERIOD : First ten days in October
VINIFICATION PROCESS : Hand picking of the grapes, then immediate light pressing with no use of SO2, followed by 12-15-day fermentation at 20°C in stainless steel. The wine rested on the fine less until spring and underwent natural malolactic fermentation in late spring. It was released one year after harvest date.
SENSORY PROFILE : This is our most distinctive version of Verdicchiodi Matelica. It needs a bit of time for its characteristics to mature and thus to reveal itself as a wine of exuberant aromatic richness, yielding notes of anise, citron, and dried fruit. Powerful and full-bodied on the palate, it maintains its remarkable concentration on through a very lengthy finish. The mine- rally edge to the finish reflects its terroir and makes it a good comple- ment to elaborate recipes with fish; its firm structure will go very well with fresh cheeses and light meats.
PRODUCTION QUANTITY : Ca. 120,000 750 ml bottles
CELLARING POTENTIAL : 5-7 years, with a potential for significant additional complexity

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